Overcome your sadness by raising your hands! — Du’aa

People often relate sadness with negativity. It’s wrong. Sadness is a phase, where your heart needs supplement — by remembering Allāh (more in frequency).


Prophet Muhammad Sal Allāhu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam do not received revelation from Allāh for few months. The wife of Abu Lahab l.a, Umm Jamil began to tease him by saying, O Muhammad, your Lord has forsaken you! Prophet was sad, disheartened by this.

And Allāh answered him, “Your Lord (O Prophet) has neither forsaken you nor displeased.”


Prophet Yunus a.s swallowed by a whale, and he lived in the belly of the whale for 40 days. Forty days in the darkness, all alone — lead him to sadness.

He raised his hand and made repentance over and over again - day and night, by saying “There is no God but You, Pure are You. Indeed, I was among the wrongdoers”

And Allāh answered his call by saying, “And We responded to Him and rescued him from the distress. And this is how we rescue the Believers”


Prophet Ayoob a.s was tested by wealth, family and health. People teased him, belittled him. They said to him - If he is truly a prophet, his Lord wouldn’t do this to him!

He was sad with those words. He raised his hands and asked Allāh, “Here I am, afflicted by pain and You are the Most Merciful of all the merciful”

And Allāh answered “So, We answered his prayer and removed whatever pain he had, and gave (him) back his family and the like thereof with them as a mercy from Our own Self as a lesson for the worshippers”


Do not forget our mother, Maryam a.s. She was experiencing the pain of giving birth in the middle of a desert - weak, helpless, alone and frightened, feelings of hopelessness ran through her to the point where she wanted to die and be forgotten about.

Allāh said to her, “Shake the trunk of the date palm tree” and fresh ripe dates would fall upon her.


Sadness has afflicted our beloved prophets and the believers in the past, just as how it strikes our hearts - today. Don’t despair. Is not a sign of weak heart rather a wake up call so we turn to Allāh and seek for His help.

I remember those days when I was sad, sick, hopeless and wish I was never created. I came across this beautiful du’aa recited by Prophet Yaakob a.s,

“I do not complain of my anguish and sorrow to anyone but Allāh, and I know from Allāh what you do not know”

I repeated the verse over and over again. My sadness, verily has made me turned to Allāh and relies upon Him alone. And I witnessed, By Allāh I witness how He showered me with mercy and helped me from being lost.


O you who are saddened by the affairs of this world, know that Allāh has never and will never abandon you. Cry to Him and He shall answer you.

Bird Of Jannah - Syria