One of the most beautiful aspects of the Quran is that while Allah SWT, the Creator of everything is teaching us about the most heinous crimes that mankind can commit and is describing the most painful everlasting torment that one could never imagine.. He does it with grace. He makes it sound…








I just came across this brothers tweets. May Allah make it easy for him. Remember him in your prayers.

Please make duaa for him.

Omg :(

This is a daily struggle for so many of us. May Allah give us the strength and patience to overcome this.

This guy gets retweeted onto my tl on a daily and I become so saddened whenever I read his tweets, May Allah keep him firm and grant him sabr through this time of difficulty. Ameen

this is so sad, and it’s even more sad that i can relate to this so much




to every person with a family who;s making life hard because he\she is a muslim

may allah reward you

just know that i really look up to those people who have patience even their family is making things so hard

im really looking up to you all, i wish i was that strong

and just imagine how pleased Allah will be if you remain patient during this test



Seen an old friend on the bus today.. He went from a hafidth, to leading taraweeh, to hard drug abuse. I asked him if he’s fasting and he said no.. All I said was you already know.. I don’t have to tell you.. You know more than me. He didn’t say anything. When his stop came he said salam and told…